map of the presidential election
* Exceptionally, this map shows the results for two different presidential tickets: the Bryan-Sewall Democratic ticket, and the Bryan-Watson ticket, adopted by many populists. Indeed, the electoral configuration varies from state to state (caused by many parties or factions here supporting these two lists, there supporting one of the two, elsewhere one of the two but by binding the electors to vote for the other if this one had a majority in the other states, etc.) and makes inoperative the distinction between Democratic and Populist vote.
SOUTH DAKOTA: some sources give results for the unorganized counties, even the least populous, results therefore illegal. Only the relatively populous Gregory County, located southeast Indian lands is mapped, however without being included in the national totals.

In Virginia, for reasons of clarity and overall coherence, the Independent Cities are combined with the counties from which they arise.

      See the french version (comment and notes in french but identical map)