map of the presidential election
IOWA: common list of Democrats (7 in number) with the "Greenback" (6).
MICHIGAN: a joint list with as many Democrats as "greenback" (6 names for each), plus two separate lists for the 13th candidate, plus a list of "greenback" isolated, obtaining only 753 popular votes. The map shows the two single candidate lists.
MISSOURI: fusion list of Republicans (8 names) with the "greenback" (8 names).
NEBRASKA: a fusion list with two Democrats, two anti-monopoly and 1 "greenback".
WEST VIRGINIA: the "greenback" agree to appear (with 2 candidates) on the Democratic list of 6 names.

In Virginia, for reasons of clarity and overall coherence, the Independent Cities are combined with the counties from which they arise.

      See the french version (comment and notes in french but identical map)